Best Online Retails In The World: What They Do And You Don’t

Best Online Retails In The World: What They Do And You Don’t

There are millions of online retail in the world. But only a few of them has the outstanding, long run success that make them top of the list. They are not sprinters, they are the marathon runners.  What they do differently than the rest? We examined for you. The campaigns, strategies, and everything. Here is the best online retails in the world.

1- Amazon

As you probably know, Amazon is the official number #1 online retail in the world right now. Opening as an online bookstore, the website went maybe the furthest it could get until this day. But we need to talk about branding first. The name of the brand and the logo is very clever, sensible and easy to remember. On the logo, you can see a direction arrow starts from the letter a and point the letter z. It means they have everything from A to Z.

Many online retails undervalue their branding. Everybody in the industry would agree that everything on the website itself is like a lesson. The contents, the layout, design, and everything. This won’t make your business grow itself alone of course if you didn’t build a great, usable foundation, something that people will actually use. But never undervalue the power of the branding.

Another strategy is, they took the best brands in the industry. This tactic made them automatically and naturally the main source of shopping.

Also, they invented “Free shipping and return” and “overnight delivery” first. During the early days they started, people hesitated to shop online and the free shipping campaign reduced their hesitation, also it worked for people who did not want to wait three days for shipping.

Also, they work for innovation, new technologies and follow up where industry go. Amazon Assistant and Amazon Prime show us that they are aiming to go beyond, not just to be online retail.

2- Walmart

We’d like to say one thing first: New Year’s Resolutions section. This is a very smart idea for an up to date marketing, following up trends and guarantee way to gain customer satisfaction. New Year’s resolutions were the main topic for over a month (and probably will be for a lot of weeks) gain a lot of attention on the social media, several posts, memes, blogs you can see on the internet about it. And this is a great field for online retail to use.

The general new year’s resolutions are about fitness, weight loss, exercising regularly etc. or about career goals, spending more time to yourself and so on. The section has all of them, you can see the related products about every resolution and this will build value, make consumers happy and doing their work for them.

Also, they display celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres on their homepage, using related celebrity to specific products is their another strategy.

Also the website itself very clean and visually satisfying. This is another great example of them along with creating value with well-known people and following up the trends.


Alibaba is famous for its comfortable purchasing environment and positive online customer experience. They spend good effort about positive interaction, helping sellers to maintain this with buyers. Also, they educate their sellers. They give online training to them about business, communication, managing their store etc.

Also the famous online retail never misses business opportunities. Chinese National Day, Christmas, festivals etc. are the days that gain selling records with the right strategy.

They are also very aware of the reliability problem. To have true reliability, they use technology to the identification of the sellers. The sellers have to pass an online certification test for verifying their identity. So that illegal transactions will be reduced this way. Also, all the transactions are recorded. Using benefits of the technology to build trust is great strategy to run a long time, reliable business.


Launched in 2001, Kohls website gets more than 40 million visits in a month. According to their CEO, their online success is related to opening more stores. “85 percent of Americans live within 15 miles of a Kohl’s store,” he says to Business Insider. He believes that tech investments are weighted to supporting stores. They open smaller stores by the way, but small and more stores all over the world are their goal. Nothing is better marketing than a store the company believes. When you see it everywhere, you believe that it is. Even if you don’t buy something from the store, you may save your time and interest to their online store. Also at the stores, they make consumers adapt to their mobile app and gain more people using it. Not giving up from stores but using it for online presence, this is a good way to adopt people to the online world.


Etsy is another successful online retail in the world, one of the first retail that comes to mind and it. What did they do differently? Well, Etsy becomes a place for makers, artists, and special, handmade products. It gains most of the attraction from there, this was very unique and first in the industry. Since 2005, they helped many people open their business from Etsy. They made the website very easy-to-use for sellers, they were charged a $0.20 listing fee for each item in their shop, plus PayPal fees if they accept this type of payment. Also, the platform has a large community and forums that can help sellers learn and grow. The sellers also can track their shop. The Pinterest of the online retails became famous with custom made products and seems to have more success in the future.

The strategy they have is this: launching multiple apps. They have their focus almost entirely on mobile but they have a website too. They have one general shopping app and multiple apps related to specific products. Almost each of them gains success. After launching apps, they give massive effort to Facebook ads at the same time. And this tactic worked. They display the specific ads to a related person. Also, they update their main app every 2 or 3 weeks. app family:

*Cute- Beauty Shopping

*Geek- Smarter Shopping

*Home- Design & Decor Shopping

*Mama- Thoughtful Shopping

*Wish- Shopping Made Fun

*Wish For Merchants

*Wish Local – Buy & Sell


Have a clear goal, consider both real store and online store experiences. Build strong branding. Be the first. The technology, the trend, the product, be the first one to have it. Follow the things that never done before. Pay attention to safety. Use the right social media channel for ads. Always try to stand out from the rest. Have long term goals.