2019 Trends To Watch: E-Commerce, UX & AI

2019 Trends To Watch: E-Commerce, UX & AI

We’re about to say goodbye to a year. As well as the digital world.

This year we’ve seen many products, developments and updates in almost every area in technology. In 2019, there will be new products, developments, and updates as well. Will we meet our expectations? How our business gets affected by them? News, risks, new markets and everything. Let’s explore the 2019 trends in E-Commerce, UX and AI.


1-Mobile Payments Only

According to the stats, global mobile payment revenue from 2015 to 2019 will shoot up from $450 billion to an estimated $1 trillion+ in 2019.* Doing the payments from tablets or smartphones will be a big thing. Also, smartphones will be used as a digital wallet.

 2. Shopping Online By The Voice

Rather than regular searches, the voice searches will take the %50 of all searches by 2020* Anyone in this world using devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, bought something online by these devices and %22 of them did this action only by the voice.

3. E-Commerce Will Still Be #1

According to US Retail Sales report, E-Commerce expanded by %11.4 in September 2018. Since 2000, E-Commerce continued to grow more and more every year, almost never took a step back.















1. AI Will Lead The Digital Transformation

According to Information Technology Professor Tung Bui, the biggest trend in AI will be an acceleration in the digital transformation, making existing business systems smarter. From airline and hotel booking systems to web applications, healthcare systems, we will see more AI-fueled transformations to come in 2019 and beyond.

2. In Short-term, AI Will Create More Jobs

According to Techcentral, AI is already doing a lot of jobs that are not even done by humans. Also, the majority of organizations are reskilling the affected people. And organizations have started to hire for skills they will need to make their business smarter with AI. So more job will come, less job will go. At least for now.

3. AI Will Help Other Sectors Grow

AI is not a single market – it is made up of many components – often thought of as the building blocks of intelligent applications, explains Tim Sheedy, principal advisor at Ecosystm. According to The Global Ecosystm AI Study, from which the trends were taken, shows that growth in AI over the next 12 months will come from machine learning (ML) and IoT Sensor Analytics will also see strong growth.




1. A New Market For UX Design: Wearables

When you hear the term “Wearable Technology” the first thing that comes to mind is smartwatches, but it’s actually much more. They stretch into the health industry, where portable devices help monitor sleeping habits, heart rates, etc. According to a survey, the number of connected wearable devices worldwide increasing from 325 million to 830 million between 2016 and 2020.* The role of UX in here will be creating a better usage and navigation about products.

2. AI and UX: Much Better User Experience

While we’re seeing the more products get adaptation to AI, there will be new opportunities to create faster, easier and tailored results. Within minutes, AI created websites, logos and pick designs for you. but in the upcoming year, especially in the creative area, we will see more touch of AI technology.

3.  Better UX Tests

We all know UX tests and we’ve seen the benefit of them. But it’s time to bring a step further. In 2019, the world will expect a better user experience for every kind of individual. So, we have to do the tests with every kind of human being possible. Maybe the ones with different age groups, genders, unknown parts of the society. As explained by Hareem Mannan, it’s time to take inclusivity a step further and steer our designs towards a wider range of people by implementing better practices into our UX processes.